Lynn’s Picnic

Each September, Friends of Foster Children invites all Collier County children in the foster care system and their families to Lynn’s Picnic at Cambier Park in Naples.

Lynn’s Picnic is in honor of child advocate and co-founder of The Foster Care Council, the late Lynn Schultzel.

The day includes:

  • All you can eat hot dogs & sloppy joes
  • Clown painting faces and making balloon animals
  • Bounce house and a 14-foot slide with ballpitt
  • Cotton candy & popcorn
  • Toys and books for children in the foster care system

This is a fantastic day for children who have been through such trauma. It gives them the opportunity to just be kids. Many children are separated from their siblings, and on this day they are able to play at the park together! At Lynn’s Picnic children see friends from school that they didn’t know were in foster care as well. Then, they don’t feel like they are so alone.

Thank you First National Bank of the Gulf Coast for sponsoring Lynn’s Picnic!