Gift of Giving

Germain Motor Company, Friends of Foster Children, and The Rotary Club of Naples have teamed up for the past 11 years to take children in the foster care system on a special holiday shopping program.

The “Child’s Gift of Giving” holiday luncheon is hosted by a local Germain dealership and takes place on a Sunday in December. Children and volunteer mentors shop, purchase and wrap hundreds of presents for the families of more than 80 children in the foster care system selected by Friends of Foster Children. Friends of Foster Children, The Rotary Club of Naples and Germain Motor Company provide volunteer mentors to shop with the children. Germain Motor Company provides funding for the event.

Children must be between the ages of 7 and 18 years old. They are given $100 to shop for Christmas presents for their family and $25 to buy something for themselves. Each child is matched with a mentor. After each child purchases their gifts, they are transported in limousines to a Germain dealership to wrap presents and to have a holiday lunch. Wrapping paper and supplies are provided. “The children really enjoy this day and are so appreciative they would not otherwise be able to say thank you to the families that help them,” says Dana Perkins, Marketing Director for Germain.